Superior Technology Concepts (STC)

This technology is a leading edge concept that saves considerable energy using modern transportation system components. Most importantly, it operates outside normal corridors of transportation without interfering with the many obstacles normally present when operating at ground level. Additionally, the cost of implementing transportation systems in an already congested corridor incurs high acquisition costs and towering construction time and rates. Compared to STC's Sky Train, it travels above and beyond interference of the laws that restrict innovation and the issues associated with crowded transportation corridors.

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Click for MOVIE animation of a Sky Train system using APPLE QuickTime Player
Text Box: Click for MOVIE animation of a Sky Train system using APPLE QuickTime Player
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Welcome to the home of STC International, a unique collaboration of world-class scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and associates all committed to the STC Green Transportation Mission.

Click for an animation of the Skyweb

System 8 minute download for 5 segments

Text Box: Click for an animation of the Skyweb 
System 8 minute download for 5 segments

Click for MOVIE animation of a Sky Train

system using Microsoft mpeg Player

Text Box: Click for MOVIE animation of a Sky Train 
system using Microsoft mpeg Player

Note: To copy stills Apple only, pause the train or use the slider, Use Copy and Paste into a Word .document then print.
Text Box: Note: To copy stills Apple only, pause the train or use the slider, Use Copy and Paste into a Word .document then print.








That Mission is to design and build modern transportation systems that are necessary for the demands of highly efficient transportation needs both today and for future generations.  Our designs include the lowest carbon footprint of any transportation system in the world. Most importantly, the STC systems have the lowest environmental impact using solar and regenerative energy alongside an array of other unique transportation technology enhancements. SEE OUR BROCHURE Click here

Karl W. Guenther Sr. - Chief Executive Officer of STC International, has been an engineer for 40 years and is an early pioneer in energy efficient high-speed transit systems. Along with the STC team, his passion and determination to design the most ultra efficient rail system has taken them over two decades. He is committed to serving the transportation needs of domestic economies and, most importantly, solving the new challenges of modern globalization.

What the Wright brothers brought to aviation, and Ford brought to the automobile arena, Karl and his collaborative team has given to the elevated rail-monorail transit industry.  He has moved this technology to new plateaus and is a leader in the world of energy conservation advances. Progress on STC can be seen on MilestonesList Click here

In the Video from News Clips Titled Getting Started STC harnesses extraordinary partnerships. We continue to build credibility and have thus far gained Congressional support through endorsements by Senator Mike Fasano, California Energy Commissioner Jim Boyd, Rep. Jay Inslee, Rep. John Larson, Rep. Chris Shays, and we suspect soon Rep. Ed Markey: Chairman of The Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming. Sky Train is currently working on energy research through a significant grant from the Department of Energy to develop our unique systems with the prestigious Florida Solar Energy Center.

The Sky Train Corp/Museum of Science and Industry initiative serves both as an exhibition and opportunity for STC to continually update and streamline technology in our demonstration, showing the latest, enhanced technology firsts.  Sky Train addresses the transportation issues of tourism, people transporting to and from airports, shipping ports for rapid and efficient cargo handling.   The technology embraces efficiency because it utilizes a dedicated corridor that passes above all ground-based traffic.  The future of transportation is STC's Sky Train and it is now in the hands of world leaders to create the political landscape that will enhance public transport technologies such as ours.

STC International has a multidimensional team, conducting collaborative research and unique partnerships. We are, Global Builders, working to create a far better environment for the world and its future generations. We invite you to join with us and support our global commitment and mission.

Every Sky Train project begins with a comprehensive plan including Transportation Objectives, Land Use and Energy Concerns.

This illustration on the left is a view of the major monorail plan at MOSI a 74-acre site in Tampa, Florida.

Museum of Science and Industry:

See interesting MOSI statistics!

***MOSI's Long Range Plan envisions a hotel on the 74-acre site connecting Sky Train with all the associated Museum facilities. There is also a segment going to the University of South Florida (USF), which is directly across the street and to nearby Busch Gardens Theme Park.

MOSI's short-range goal is to first connect Sky Train to current facilities in the 74-acre site, interconnected to a planned hotel that will be accessible by Sky Train. After this is complete MOSI plans to extend Sky Train service to the University of South Florida. USF is a 700-acre campus and is the 6th largest University in the U.S. After this major connection they plan to expand service to other major points both north and west.

STC’s Sky Train is a unique transportation system and is undoubtedly a new visual icon for the world.  Our monorail enhances rider comfort and viewing of shop displays and the surrounding landscape. It is designed to merge with the local architecture and traditional infrastructure of the location.    Interior car furnishings will be adaptable to accommodate the use of the local area supply market.

The proprietary development of Sky Train's “Mini-Sub-Station” concept, (now using Inductive charging technology), in part, funded through a recent DOE grant, is completely changing power delivery technology for electric vehicles. Low Voltage sources like Wind Power, Solar Power, and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power will in the near future load onto state-of–the-art ultra-capacitors for instant transference to a plug-in or through inductive-charging type vehicles. These systems clearly reduce dependence on fossil fuels and ensure our urban environments remain clean. Sky Train has figured a way to dramatically reduce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack size, providing for faster, cheaper, better Sub-stations and for shifting fuel cell usage  “off-the-streets”. The isolated platform-based 20-kilowatt (kW) sub-stations alleviate the threat of crash scenarios and weight problems of fuel cells. We are also aiming for 40% energy return through Brake Reclamation. For these reasons our concept, funded by the Department Of Energy  will revolutionize urban transportation systems within a few years. 



 Combination car adapted for automated container handling at left.

 A major development in freight container movement - the spreader and container are substituted for the passenger vehicle car shown above it.


Superior Functionality: STC’s Sky Train transcends existing ground uses, because it can travel in and out of buildings as necessary to stop for passenger or freight loading and unloading.  Consequently, STC’s Sky Train is absent from the usual obstacles such as traffic congestion, drainage ditches connecting to percolation ponds, and fences dividing properties. Consequently, there are no vegetation or weed obstructions on the tracks; this means no herbicides are needed to kill unwanted vegetation, another environmentally friendly feature of the Sky Train.

Note - A  final and most important point, building the STC system is cost effective. The cost of the overhead STC system, ready for operation, is approximately equal to a single lane of new overhead highway. Most importantly, it can transport at least nine times the transportation capacity of one lane of highway.  These costs have a significantly lower carbon footprint and price of competing transit systems.

With the Sky Train innovation, the containers are quickly transported past scanners (able to scan twice as many), brought to a new location/positioning directly onto rail container trains or trucks. A new method for sorting emerges: specified destinations from the manifest allows sorting to different rail cars for future rearrangement at hump rail yards saving in repeated loading and unloading activities.  

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Key HIGHLIGHTS of STC systems:

·     STC uses modern light rail technology – shares spare parts supply, maintenance skills and shop facilities

·     The duct is in the form of an inverted "U" with inner flanges, two rails –one on each flange with open space between

·     Tapered wheels allow self steering –no other guidance necessary

·     The individual car bodies can be detached and replaced, patented with 63 claims, and can operate on standard shop tracks

·     Many size cars including wider versions can be produced according to required service needs, shortening station platforms.

·     Available capacity ranges from single cars up to full subway levels

·     The car floor is even with the station platform, allowing fast level entry

·     Cars are all detachable to expedite cargo and maintenance facilitation

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